San Marcos Hair Company: The History

Janaa Chrystal established San Marcos Hair Company in 1985 in downtown San Marcos with the vision to provide high quality hair care for costumers.

She started her stylist career working in the hair salon business in San Marcos Hair Company in 1982 while a student in Southwest Texas University. In 1985 Chrystal purchased the San Marcos Hair Company salon and in 2002 they moved to the building in where it is currently located.

Starting out as a young entreprenuer, Janaa transformed the salon into the very beauty it is today.

"I started in the business when I was 19 years old and it has been 31 years since the salon opened," said Chrystal. "At the time I bought the salon I had two part time people people working for me."

Since 1985, San Marcos Hair Company hosts an exclusive happy hour every Tuesday - Thursday from 3 to 5 p.m. offering men's hair cuts for only $15 and women's haircuts for $25.

"The happy hour was huge, business started blooming," said Chrystal. "We give our customers the opportunity to pamper themselves while on a budget."

San Marcos Hair Company is dedicated to make every customer a happy customer by providing hair cuts from the "classic bob" to the very latest trends for men, women and children. Walk-ins are welcome.

Before the Cut: Salon Etiquette

On a daily, you run across things that drive you absolutely crazy. We all go into a salon thinking one thing, it’s easy to sit in a chair. We do it all the time whether behind the desk at work or winding down with your family at dinner.

In reality, you are sitting in a chair confined by a giant cape staring at yourself in a mirror. We promise you it’s not all that bad! Our stylists of San Marcos Hair Co. were kind enough to invite us into their wonderful world with tips for saving money, getting a great haircut, and more.

  1. Coming into the salon with unrealistic expectations.

    All of our hair is different and that’s the exciting part! When entering your appointment, have an idea of what you want, but also keep an open mind. Everyone loves Beyonce and her luscious locks, but we probably can’t give you her exact hairstyle. Ask your stylist about the grow-out process and understand they are only human, too. The expectation of a full luscious braid with shoulder length hair or going from black hair to platinum blonde in a single session is not realistic, so listen to your stylist if they explain this to you. “People come in wanting exactly what’s in the picture, and sometimes it’s not feasible,” said one stylist.

  2. Cutting and coloring your own hair can make things complicated, so stylist advise against it.

    "Box color is extremely hard to get out," said a stylist. "It can create different undertones in the hair changing the coloring process." Since I’m sure most reading this have changed hair color via a ten-dollar box of dye, stylist advise you be honest with them when they ask if you’ve ever colored your hair before. As for cutting your own hair, that can be a different ball game. "I often fix hair that people have cut themselves," said one stylist. "This is our area of expertise.”

  3. Take a break from your phones, Please!

    When it came to this topic, the answers varied. "I understand people need to take phone calls sometimes," said San Marcos Hair Co. stylist. Sometimes personal or professional emergencies happen. If you’re unsure if your stylist minds you scrolling through your newsfeeds or taking a call, just ask and we’d be happy to assist!

  4. Being on time.

    Salons usually book appointments bumper to bumper, so a busy hair stylists’ time is very valuable. It’s important to be 5 minutes early or call ahead of time. On another note, calling to be squeezed in last minute isn’t always possible. Our stylists will always try to accommodate any changes, but it may mean staying late or rushing to finish another client first.

  5. Be aware of posture.

    Trust me, we’ve all been guilty before too (shh!) If you do one thing, make sure you don’t cross your legs during your haircut. Trust me, our hairstylists will appreciate that and so will you when your hair is leveled!

  6. How much is too much?

    Don’t hesitate to let us know how much is too much to chop off or the even the exact inches. The more we know, the better we can give you a haircut that fits your needs. Our goal is you send you off happy and looking fabulous!

A Serendipitous Story...

As a young girl, salon owner Janaa Chrystal lived in the Panama Canal. She became friends with a dancer a few years older than her whom she admired. Janaa dreamed of being a USO dancer, following behind the jets and Army men in a set of high, shiny go-go boots. Janaa’s mother was not a fan of the boots or her plans to be a USO dancer. Janaa’s new friend gave her her first pair of white, tall go-go boots. Filled with joy, Janaa would stuff them with tissue and hide them outside so her mother wouldn’t find them. The two grew apart with distance as Janaa would find her way to Texas.

Years later in Janaa’s adulthood, she was closing up her shop when she stumbled across a check with a unique name matching the one of her long lost friend. Thinking it was too good to be true, she contacted the number on the front of the check. Sure enough, it was her friend who had gifted her the go-go boots so many years ago on the Panama Canal. Serendipity can happen anywhere, even at the San Marcos Hair Company!

Love Your Hair

After leaving a salon, clients expect to have a feeling of relaxation and satisfaction with their hair. Having beautiful, luscious hair can boost anyone's confidence for the day. People love to have that one good hair day that the weather or straightener did not mess up.

Your visit at a salon is not all about the cutting, coloring, and blowing out hair. There is also a pampering side to it. "I like the whole serving, waiting, and nurturing part that goes into it too,” said Sandie Daniels, stylist at San Marcos Hair Co. "I think I like that equally as much as I like the hair, I like when people feel good."

The ladies of San Marcos Hair Co. also really try to encourage their clients to take good care of their hair. Keeping your hair healthy can benefit not only you, but your stylist as well. People may find it difficult to choose the right product for their hair texture to maintain that soft and shiny hair, but it is as simple as changing the water temperature.

A tip from stylist Sandie Daniels is to rinse your hair in cooler water. The water does not necessarily have to be ice cold, "but it has to be a temperature difference and slightly cooler water," said Daniels. This allows the hair cuticle to close.

Daniels also shared her secret to having healthier hair. "I always try to get people to try 'Anti-snap' by Redken," said Daniels. "It really strengthens out and adds protein to the hair, usually people only have to buy one bottle because by the time they are done with that their hair is in really good shape."

Behind the Scenes of a Hair Stylist

The hair stylists working at San Marcos Hair Company have seen and done it all from many hair-ventures with their customers. Here are a few of their pointers and funny stories behind the scenes of salon life.

We LOVE when you tell us you want something a ‘little different.’

At the end of the day, no one wants to be unsatisfied with their new do. On days when a customer wants to try something new, it’s exciting to have the freedom to share any advice we have!

Tell us about your day!

"We always listen to what customers need to say," Smith said. "We encourage them in certain ways."

Another aspect as to why the clients of the San Marcos Hair Company may feel so comfortable is because many of them have been doing business there for years. The salon has built up a history with their clients, and many of their customers feel like family. At the San Marcos Hair Company, we build relationships with each of our customers because we truly care about pairing them with the haircut of their dreams(both puns intended!)

225 N. L B J Dr. San Marcos, TX   78666 USA